Chess AI

The AI will play chess against the player. The game can be setup to watch the computer play against itself.

Sudoku Solver

The site will generate and solve Sudoku puzzles using the backtracking method.

Modelling Wine Data with XGBoost in R - Report

This report was completed in Semester 1, 2020 as part of ‘Statistical Modelling III’ at the UofA. Allowed a maximum of 8 pages, the report details the XGBoost model and how I used it to model wine data. The aim was to produce a model that could predict wine quality the best. I produced one of the best models in the class.

Cryptanalysis of the Vigenere Cipher - Report

The report explains the process of decrypting a Vigenere Cipher, submitted as a University subject called ‘Cryptography III’ in Semester 2, 2019. The subject taught about different cryptographic techniques and how they are used today.