Leaving Gains On The Table

I was in the gym with a friend recently.

He didn’t know what workout he was going to do when he arrived.

He wasn’t tracking his lifts.

I am no gym expert but it was very obvious that he wasn’t maximising his gains in the gym.

He didn’t realise how easy it would be for him to make significantly more progress.

This is probably what rich and successful people feel like when they see people around suffering in horrible corporate jobs. They don’t even realise how easy it is to do better.

This got me thinking, in this gym scenario, I can easily tell where my friend was making mistakes.

But where are those areas in my life that I am making mistakes? Places where I am leaving gains on the table?

Perhaps I need to find others that could give that advice to me. Those people that would tell you where you are making mistakes.

Food for thought.