A Clean Room is a Clean Mind

Typically when my room gets messy, it’s during times that I’m either

  • super busy, or
  • in a bit of a mental low

Having a messy room seems to be also correlated with having a messy mind. When my room is messy I typically have

  • a hunger for sweet foods
  • a desire to watch movies and play video games
  • a desire to watch pornograhy and explicit content

These things are considered ’low energy’. They are all negative and unsustainable activities.

During these times its much more difficult to be present and enjoy each moment.

What I find, is that cleaning my room is extremely beneficial.

Cleaning your room also cleans your mind.

The state of your room is also a reflection of the state of your mind.

It lets you reset yourself and begin anew.

A messy room is a messy mind.

A clean room is a clean mind.