Politics is probably the most divisive it has ever been at the moment. People from both sides of the spectrum cast hate towards the other side, with a complete lack of empathy for another persons circumstances.

People seem absolutely incapable of changing their opinions or even questioning their own.

Even considering an opposing point is something that is not done by either side.

Violence and chaos has ensued with the President of the ‘greatest country in the world’ now being banned on all major social media sites.

I watched the Social Dillemna earlier this year. All the people in that documentary were claiming that social media was causing politics to become even more divisive and push people to the fringes of both sides. They said, that a civil war was the most likely outcome.

With the violence and drama that we have seen over the last few days, it seems that we are well on the way to even more violence.

The solution - forget about politics.

It’s very easy to get fired up about politics, but here’s the thing. Each time a new president or prime minister is elected, they change almost nothing about your day to day life. The effect of the powers that be on your life is very minimal.

In my opinion, it makes very little sense to pay close attention to politics. All it will do is stir up your emotions for no reason.

Rise above the hate.