Lessons from 2020

This is a short post reviewing the lessons that I learnt during 2020.

  1. wanting things too much will push them away

This happened to me a few times this year.

I wanted things to happen so bad. Too bad.

I was sitting at my desk getting ready for a video interview. This was the final interview for the job application process.

I was very keen to get this job. Too keen.

The interview was progressing well.

My internet started getting slow.

The interviewers asked if I could turn my video off as it was making the call slow down.

Even though I had done all my video calls from this exact position, my setup had let me down.

I didn’t get the job.

Another time.

I had a girl coming over to my place.

I wanted her to come over really bad. Too bad.

Her car broke down on the way over.

She never made it.

I think sometimes we can want things to happen to badly that the thing doesn’t actually eventuate. For example consider someone really needy in a relationship. They want it to work so badly that the other person is actually getting turned off by their enthusiasm. Or consider a business context where you offer someone all they could want, and more, but they end up pulling out of the deal because it seems too good to be true.

This year, I will focus on the process, more than the outcomes. I will make sure that I am not focussed on certain events happening, but more on my present experience and enjoying each moment.

  1. work hard and you can get results

In 2020 I did pretty decent at university. I had 5 High Distinctions and 3 Distinctions giving me a GPA for the year of 6.6/7.

This was my best full year at University ever.

It showed me that I do have the capacity to get good results. That I can achieve very good things if I set my mind to it.