Who do I have to become to achieve this?

So much of goal setting this new year is about what THING you want to achieve. Rarely do we ask what we must become in order to get those things that we want.

The reality is, that if we were the kind of person that could get what we want, then we would already have it. Changing you habits and fundemental personality traits to attain your goals is the only way to achieve your goals.

Consider the following from “Design Your Best Year Ever - Darren Hardy”

Goal: I am earning an extra $100,000 in income this year.

Question: Who do I have to become to achieve this?

Answer: I am a smart, confident, and effective leader.

I am a master of time efficiency. I focus solely on high-payoff and high-productivity actions.

I wake up an hour earlier and review my priority objectives each morning.

I fuel my body properly so I am energetic and highly effective each work hour.

I am influential and passionate.

This answer can now be used as an affirmation to yourself everyday as you chase down your goals.