3 People at Dinner

At Christmas we played a fun game.

If you could have 3 people over for dinner, who would you choose?

There are plenty of good options here.

I chose:

Steve Jobs. Apple is such an outstanding company and Steve was such an extraordinary man. I think learning from him and hearing his stories would be incredible.

Roger Federer. Few athletes are as dominant in their sport as Federer has been in Tennis. For so many years now he has dominated the court, all while being the epitome of sportsmanship. His class and elegance on the court are unmatched, and he would make a great guest at the table.

The last one is a difficult decision. There are so many choices. We’ve covered business and sport with the first two choices, but where do we turn next?

Names like Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Owen Cook, Yuval Noah Harari and many other interesting people come to mind.

I think I’ll take a different approach.

Business and sport are covered. Not music.

I think I’d invite Hans Zimmer to the table. He is another example of complete superiority in his field. Almost every good movie soundtrack is produced by this man. What an inspiration.

Who would you have at your table?