What You Think You Deserve

Lately I’ve been thinking about this concept of getting more than you deserve.

Sometimes we get things that we don’t feel like we deserve, and we ‘self-sabotage’ to return back to our original state.

We have this view of ourselves and what we deserve. When we get more than that, it seems too good to be true and the good thing that we had is often lost.

Consider the following example.

You sit a test and get a 90% score.

Is this good or bad?

Maybe you see yourself as a good student, but not that good. So you think that now, since you have a great score on the first test, you can take it easy for the remainder of that subject.

Maybe you see yourself as an excellent student, and a 90% is actually lower than what you expected. Now you much study extra hard to make sure you don’t do so badly on the next one!

You see this grade on the test can be seen in many different ways depending on your view of yourself.

There are many sayings out there like ‘you get what you think you deserve’, and I think these are very accurate.

This idea is similar to the Growth Mindset idea first popularised by Carol Dweck.

The idea is that certain people have a view of themselves that they can improve in certain situations. That there exists opportunities to succeed and not possibilities to fail.

It seems to me that our view of ourselves can have a huge impact on our lives.

It’s something worth considering and how your view of yourself impacts your life on a daily basis.

You could also consider how you can change your view of yourself to change areas of your life.

For example, become someone that gets good grades and maybe you won’t be so happy with a 90% on the test.

How you view yourself is a very interesting idea and something I’d love to learn more about in the future.