Addictive Emotions

I was watching this video yesterday.

Something was said that really resonated with me.

Say you’re going into a new partnership, maybe a romantic partner or a business partner for example.

Ask them what they think of their previous partners, and what they rate their life out of 10.

Chances are, this is how they also rate YOU.

For example, consider someone that always thinks they are being screwed over.

They will begin to see this everywhere!

Even if you are a better partner, or your business is better. People are addicted to these emotions and will continually seek them out and project their feelings onto you.

But this doesn’t end here.

The key now is to consider how you are doing this in your own life.

You are addicted to some kind of emotions. What are they? What things do you see in others all the time? What trends do you see in your life over and over again?

What someone says about you is really what they say about themselves.

What you say about others, is really what you think about yourself.

This was super interesting to me and I hope you go out and take a minute to consider what emotions you are addicted to!