The Little Prince

The Little Prince, first published in 1943, has sold over 140 million copies worldwide.

The story of the Little Prince.

The Little Prince lives on a planet far from Earth.

On his planet he doesn’t have much, only a single rose.

This rose is his most prized possession.

He’s grown up with the rose, and spent his entire life with it.

One day, the Little Prince goes to Earth.

He sees that, in fact, there are MILLIONS of roses!

Here he is, thinking that his rose is so special, when in fact there are so many just like it. His soul is crushed.

But the Little Prince has an epiphany.

The Little Prince comes to realise that even though there may be many roses just like his rose. He can choose to love his rose anyway.

Even though his rose might not be the best, it might not be the prettiest. He can still choose to love his rose anyway.

Isn’t that just a wonderful story.

So what does this mean for us?

Even though other people might have better stuff, cooler friends, more money etc. You can choose to love yourself anyway.

You can choose to love yourself and your life for what they are, despite comparisons to others.

Comparisons in life are something that is very difficult to avoid. We are always doing them over social media and in person.

These comparisons are ulimately very unhealthy.

Next time you find yourself comparing things in an unhealthy way. Think of the Little Prince, and how, despite your imperfections, you can choose to love yourself anyway.