In terms of success and achieving goals. People often get praise for where they currently are.

If you just finished a cool degree, were offered a cool job or a promotion. These are all things that get praise.

What I think is more important is the trajectory of a person.

If you don’t have that much current success, you can frame your journey in terms of a trajectory.

2 weeks ago, I attended my schools 5 year reunion.

In these cases, its clear to see what trajectory people have been on since high school.

Some are on track to be successful, some are lazy and some are already obese.

The question to ask here is what kind of trajectory are you on?

If you repeated this year of your life for 5 years, where would you be?

Do you like that? or does that scare you a bit?

If you put on 5kgs this year. It doesn’t seem like much, but soon this problem will be much harder to deal with.

Soon you’ll be 20kgs overweight and wondering where the time went.

It’s much easier to fix these trajectories which you are in the early stages.

It’s much easier to have the self-awareness of what your trajectory is, and where it is taking you.

Todays challenge: Consider your life trajectory, and where you are currently headed. If you don’t like that, consider what you can do to change it.