When is the time not appropriate for students to study?

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This depends on the person.

For me, I prefer to study first thing in the morning. I find that as the day goes on, my ability to focus goes down dramatically. My ‘worst time to study’ would be at night.

Others can work well in the evening, but this depends on the person.

Something you could look into for yourself is something called a ‘Sleep Chronotype’. Your body has a natural tendency to perform best/worst at different times of the day, and this is genetic.

There are 4 different kinds, and each one has a different ‘worst time to study’.

These are a Bear, Lion, Wolf and Dolphin.

I prefer to work in the morning, so I am a Lion.

Bears and Dolphins do better in the middle of the day, and Wolves at night.

You can read more about these here:

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