There Will NEVER Be Time

We all have these things. Things that we ‘want’ to do, but we don’t have time so we will do that later.

Things like

  • starting a blog
  • starting a youtube channel
  • learning that new skill
  • meditating

I have found that one simple truth holds for all of thes kinds of activities.

You will never have time. It’s just a matter of priorities.

If you don’t start that youtube channel because you ‘don’t have time’, don’t try to trick yourself. It’s because you think its a kind of cool idea, but you don’t want to start it bad enough. You like the idea more than actually doing it.

I was listening to one of my heroes Owen Cook recently1, and he was talking about how when it comes to your goals, you should rather die than not do them. That is, you are so certain that you will put in the work that you would rather die.

He uses the example of going to the gym. Even if he arrives home from holiday, late at night, so ready to go to sleep. He goes to the gym. Because the goal is so important that he would have to die before he missed a session.

Would you let your child be hit by a car? Absolutely not. Would you miss a day in the gym?

The reality is, if you can’t do these simple tasks, then how are you going to be able to live your dreams?

This blog is an excellent example of that. I’m now one week into this. I could easily give up and miss a day or two which would then spiral into me giving up this entire process.

But I would rather die than miss one of these blog posts.

This kind of conviction has been lacking for me in the past. I have thought of grand ideas that sound excellent, but the follow through was never there. Because I didn’t believe enough in my abilities and let my progress slip.

Now that has changed. I understand that missing a blog post also means that I am giving up on my dreams. These may not seem like the same thing, but they are. If we can’t do these simple tasks like showing up and writing a short blog post, how can we be expected to lead people to a better life.

Even the small and insignificant things you do are all practice for the big show.

Food for thought.


  1. This talk is called ‘The Truth About Success - Why You Should Rather Die Than Miss A Day In The Gym’. I’m not sure if it’s still online but it is excellent and I highly recommend it. ↩︎