Take In Every Moment

Today marks the first day of what may be my last ever trip with my family.

I’ve been very lucky over the years to go on trips with my family to places all over Australia. We’ve been to many places and experienced many good times together.

Next year I am leaving Adelaide to begin working in Melbourne. I’m moving out of home and beginning a new journey.

This means that this family holiday could be the last one ever.

The last time I can experience my family on an adventure together.

This does seem like a special moment, but the reality is that these. moment are happening around us all the time.

A few weeks ago, my youngest brother turned 18. Last year my Grandpa had his 80th birthday. Last week I finished my university degree.

All of these moments are special, unique and deserve to be remembered.

I really want to be able to treasure these moments, enjoy the company of my family and take everything in.

I don’t want to be particiapting in these occaisons and be distracted with things that are going on in my life, that really are not important compared to the events taking place in front of me.

I think one of the keys to being more present is meditation.

Being able to shut your mind off and experience the moment fully, to be fully present, is exactly what I want to do in these moments, and exactly what meditation helps you practice.

Meditation is also one of those things that get forgotten from your routine. It’s one of those things that sounds good, but never really gets done.

I want to experience these important moments more fully, so I plan to meditate much more consistently.

One app that I use is Sam Harris’ Waking Up. I’ve found it has absolutely improved my practice and ability to be present. I highly recommend it.

I think that being present is very important. So go and Take in Every Moment!