Completing University

On completing my university studies

So my time in university is over. Unless I return to do a masters degree, I won’t be back in a university for some time.

I have now completed 5 years at university, graduating with a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences with a Bachelor of Finance.

It’s time to do a short reflection on my time at uni.

Could I have done better with my grades? Probably

Could I have used those 5 years better? Maybe

Should I have just dropped out and self-taught myself everything? Potentially

Did I have a good time, meet amazing people, learn about things and learn about myself? Definitely.

Experiences ๐Ÿ”—︎

One thing that is really good about university is meeting other people who are in the same stage of life as yourself. I met many new friends through university, many of whom will be my friends for many years to come.

Changing Degrees ๐Ÿ”—︎

At then end of my first year at uni, I changed degrees from Mechanical Engineering.

I initially started this degree because most of my friends were also doing it. It’s a fairly decent idea considering I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, but I found myself not really enjoying things and wanted a change.

I was researching financial topics when I decided that I should just study finance at uni! A very good idea!

Plus I also wanted to do something to sound smart so I kept on doing Maths as well. What a great combination!

Fortunately for me, this combination has given me many opportunities and has set me up very well for many different, lucrative, career paths.

Studying Overseas ๐Ÿ”—︎

From January to June in 2019 I studied overseas at the University of Sheffield in the UK. This was a fantastic experience for me.

I got out of my comfort zone, and into real life. I was finally able to live my life on my own terms.

While my focus when I was away was certainly not on my academics, I excelled in other areas.

In fact, my first semester back, my grades improved by 25%.

I came back with a renewed confidence and new desires to achieve the things I really wanted.

Do it again? ๐Ÿ”—︎

In today’s world I see so much about how university is garbage and no-one should do it.

I see posts like ‘don’t go to uni! just teach yourself at home in 1 year!’.

This is definitely possible, and I really think the education system will change incredibly over the next 10-20 years.

At the same time though, the opportunities that I took and the people I met along the way have absolutely made my life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

You can’t go back and change time, and I am very grateful for the experiences that I have been afforded.

Another blog containing all my university tips will come out soon!