The Creativity Instinct

The infinite field of creativity.

Creativity (unsplash)

Three days ago, I set myself a challenge. To create one blog post for every day until the end of January. This would make 10 weeks of blog posting, 70 posts in total.

Despite it being only 3 days. I have been reinvigorated with the prospect of creating.

I’ve been thinking about all those times that I had created in the past, and how I excited I had been to create and release my work to the world.

The Creativity Experience ๐Ÿ”—︎

In my early high-school days I had a youtube channel with a friend, and we created videos of us playing Call of Duty. I remember being so excited to release a new video, looking forward to my creation going out into the world. Despite not getting many view at all (I think we had around 100-200 subscribers and about 10-100 views on each video) I enjoyed the process so much.

I used to sit down and plan my youtube videos. At one stage I was recording myself playing this obscure game called Raze 2. I remember playing through the entire game and recording all of it, having my videos planned out for the weeks ahead. It was super exciting.

I remembered back to when I was in a band in my later years of high school. I would sit down with my guitar and try to create music for our next album. Despite the fact that we didn’t have any fans or that my music was never really heard by anyone, I thoroughly enjoyed making music.

Even now, as I write these posts, I am planning ahead, excited for what I can write about in the future. Excited to see the potential come to fruition.

The Creativity Trap ๐Ÿ”—︎

During school I was never any good at art. I was always more into numbers, science and technology. I was much better at these subjects too.

I’m not sure how it happened by I think I mistook this poor performance in classes like art, to mean that I wasn’t very creative. That I couldn’t invent something exciting or new.

As I reflect on my experiences, I don’t think this is very true.

The Creativity Instinct ๐Ÿ”—︎

I wonder if there is something there, something that is inside us that enjoys creating.

Something that enjoys tapping into the infinite field of creativity, and finding something incredible.

Because even though no-one may be watching, it’s still worthwhile.

I didn’t need people watching my youtube videos in 2012 to have fun.

I didn’t need people listening to my songs in 2014 to have fun.

And you certainly don’t need people watching you in order to get started.

We are all on a journey. Feel the rush, and CREATE!