Gold Medal Moments

When elite sportspeople win their events, you can see the emotion in their eyes.

I encourage you to watch the short video below.

This video is an incredible example of someone that has given everything they have to reach their goal.

The chase has finally paid off. They’ve done it.

Years and years of hard work has finally paid off. Now, they bask in a wirlwind of emotions and the joy of victory.

It’s amazing to see people that overcome obstacles to win, and also to see people push the limits of human achievement.

So what? 🔗︎

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic.

We were sitting in a pub, watching some sport, and I asked him what would cause him to get that excited and emotional.

What is he chasing at the moment that would give him that rush, and that taste of victory?

At the time my friend was actually pursuing a big goal, so he had a good answer.

But I didn’t.

So it got me thinking, why don’t I have some lofty goal that I am gunning for and trying to achieve. Why is my life so boring that I’m not chasing anything!

Because in my opinion, life is all about the chase.

The chase of gains in the gym.

The chase of learning.

The chase of a better life.

So I ask you, reader, what exactly are you chasing?

What goal do you have that is so great and mightly that if you achieve it you would fall on your knees and begin to cry?

What goal do you have that is so extraordinary that you will put in hard work for an extended period of time to achieve?

What is your gold medal moment?

I have found it very difficult to answer these questions. However, I know that answering them will provide meaning and purpose to my life that is unparalleled.

So I challenge you, reader. If you don’t already have a lofty goal that you are chasing, go out and get one!

After all, the juice is almost always worth the squeeze.