A New Start | 23 Nov, 2020

So it begins.

I’ve really wanted to step out of my comfort zone recently. In particular, I’ve wanted to start creating content vs just consuming.

I see this challenge as my first step towards making this a habit.

You see, I’m just about to finish my university studies, and am facing yet another 10 week period where I don’t have much to do. This time, I’m going to make the most of it.

Every single year the summer holidays begin and I always have grand plans about what exactly I’m going to do. All these plans to create and learn, but they often never come to be as I’d hoped.

I see this blog and content creation in general being that opportunity to flex this creativity muscle, and get myself into a creative mindset, rather than just mindlessly consuming information.

So TODAY marks the beginning of this journey.

My plans for the next 10 weeks will be as follows

  1. Update the main blog section every day with my progress and adjusted aims
  2. Create at least one Youtube Video per week (minimum 10 across the 10 weeks)
  3. Learn Stuff!
    1. Docker is something people in Dev-ops use that I want to learn more about: Docker in a Day
    2. Functional Programming . My friend has started a functional programming meetup that I’ve been attending. It’s time to learn about how that stuff actually works
    3. I never did Mathematical Analysis at University so I’m really keen to learn some of the basics from here and here

It’s not an exhaustive list, and it won’t take up my entire holidays, but these courses I think will be both interesting and useful to go through.

One thing that I really want to focus on overall is this idea of creation. Going through these courses or whatever it is that I might be doing needs to be accompanied with some form of documentation so that I can produce some content. This creation is how I will learn more and get the most out of these experiences.

After all, almost everyone I look up to on social media or in real life is a producer. People I aspire to be like all produce content on a regular basis. This is what I will do these holidays.